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Las Vegas

A Yeshiva High School for boys serving the Las Vegas Jewish community

and new Bais Medrash program!

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Equipping young men for a life of Torah and professional success

At the Mesivta, we strive to show our students the beauty of our heritage and support each one in his quest for personal development.

Through our comprehensive Torah and college-preparatory general studies program, our goal is to graduate educated young men who are inspired and committed to lead a Torah-true life.

A Mesivta - in Las Vegas


Bustling shuls.  Growing schools.

The Las Vegas Jewish community is flourishing


Young families are moving in, attracted by job opportunities, affordable housing, and high quality of life. 

Jews are learning more about their roots, thanks to the efforts of Jewish outreach organizations.


And now, there are young men who yearn for a Yeshiva high school education.

The Mesivta of Las Vegas is here to address that need.

What is a Mesivta?

The term Mesivta was first used to describe a Yeshiva of higher learning in Talmudic times, when it referred to the great Torah academy of Sura.  Until today, Mesivtas continue to operate around the world, studying the same timeless lessons of the Talmud and how they affect our daily lives.  The Mesivta of Las Vegas is proud to join their ranks and provide the highest standard in both Jewish and general education to the Las Vegas Jewish community.

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The Mesivta is an affiliate of

Rabbinical Seminary of America

Yeshiva Chofetz Chaim

RSA has many affiliate Yeshiva high schools throughout the United States and Canada.  Chofetz Chaim-affiliated Mesivtas have been successful in combining strong Judaic studies, with an emphasis on analytical thinking and character development, together with a rigorous general studies program.  The Mesivta of Las Vegas will follow this model in creating a Yeshiva high school to meet the needs of the Las Vegas Jewish community.


The Mesivta is accredited by the

Accrediting Commission for Schools,

Western Association of Schools and Colleges

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