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Mr. Aaron Woodbury

US Government, World History

Mr. Woodbury holds a BA in Secondary Education Social Studies from the University of Wyoming.
Before moving to Las Vegas, Mr. Woodbury taught high school Social Studies in Wyoming for many years, including Government, History, World Geography, Sociology, Criminal Justice and Economics. He also worked for several years as an ESL teacher, as well as presiding over a Youth Soccer league in Wyoming.
Mr. Woodbury very much favors project-based learning, but also varies his instruction to accommodate different learning styles. He believes that students need to focus on critical thinking and problem solving, rather than rote memorization of facts. He also incorporates writing and public speaking skills into his lessons, in order to help prepare students for life after school. Mr. Woodbury enjoys teaching because he likes to help youth grow and excel. He receives much satisfaction knowing he has made a difference in their lives.

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