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Mr. Yehuda Amouyal


Mr. Amouyal pursued post- secondary Yeshiva studies for seven years in Ohr Somayach Jerusalem, Ner Yisroel Toronto, and the Mir Jerusalem. He holds a bachelor's degree in Judaic Studies from Ohr Somayach, a master's degree in Educational Leadership from Bellevue University, a specialist's degree in Educational Psychology from UNLV, and is a Nevada licensed and nationally certified School Psychologist.

Mr. Amouyal has four years of teaching experience and has worked as a special education teacher for secular and religious studies at a Jewish day school in New York, as well as a teacher for NCSY's Torah High program. He recently completed his school psychology internship in CCSD and is thrilled to be joining the Mesivta faculty.

Mr. Amouyal believes in taking a holistic approach in trying to help each student fulfill their potential and strives to understand each student's unique situation. Mr. Amouyal values the personal and collaborative relationships the Mesivta atmosphere fosters and feels it is an ideal place for helping students learn, grow, and succeed.

Mr. Amouyal encourages students to think about, question, and challenge what they learn and loves seeing them discover answers they can apply to their own lives.

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