Rabbi Doniel Spector


Rabbi Spector received his Ordination from the Rabbinical Seminary of America, Yeshiva Chofetz Chaim in 2014. After ordination, Rabbi Spector “cut his teeth” in education as a teaching assistant in the Rosh Hayeshiva’s Shiur at R.S.A., where he used his warmth and excitement to guide the Talmidim in their studies. Additionally, he gave an early morning Talmud class to local community members.

After accepting a position at the Pacific Torah Institute in Vancouver the following year, Rabbi Spector immediately began to strengthen the Bais Medrash Program by teaching Iyun Shiurim and providing personal guidance to his Talmidim during Sedarim. He was also a very popular Rabbi in the High School division of PTI. In 2019,

Rabbi Spector and his family relocated to Las Vegas to join the Mesivta, where he teaches both on the high school and Bais Medrash levels. He is known for being a calm and approachable rabbi, and can be frequently seen surrounded by a group of his students. The Mesivta is fortunate to have Rabbi Spector as a member of the faculty.